Sew Away 2018 – Register Now!

Registration for Sew Away 2018 is now open! Register on-line at or download a mail-in form here:

I was asked by a member last month, “Why would I pay to go to a sewing retreat when I can just sew at home?” I said the SAME THING to Jan McMinn before she talked me into going to an ASG retreat and now it’s the vacation I look forward to all year long! Why?

– It’s a cheap vacation!
– Uninterrupted sewing! I say I’ll sew all weekend at home, but first I have to do the dishes, and then some vacuuming, and pretty soon half the day is shot.
– Talking to others who sew, getting advice on my project, and just being around people who *get it* all week is the best!
– You can leave your sewing machine out in the event center (we lock the room at night) so you can roll out of bed and get straight back to sewing the next morning.
– Did I mention non-stop sewing? I always get so much done!
– You can leave to go for a scenic walk in beautiful Winter Park, take a trip to the fabric shop in Granby, or hang out in the hot tub at the resort. (If you can tear yourself away from your sewing machine.) It’s your vacation!

1) I’ve added an option for 3 to a condo for those who want to guarantee they get a bed and not a sofa bed or top bunk.
2) I’m adding a late fee of $25 if your payment isn’t postmarked by August 4th. We have to pay the condos off in full a month in advance, so it’s a hassle when we don’t received payments until after the deadline.

2018 Registration fees:
– $310 per person for 4 people to a condo
– $350 per person for 3 people to a condo
– $425 per person for 2 people to a condo
– $650 per person for a condo to yourself
– $150 per person for commuters (not staying at The Silverado II)

(Extra for early Wed arrival.)

Your registration includes lodging, a table in the event center for all day sewing, and some meals. The Silverado II rooms are spacious 2 bedroom / 2 bath units with full kitchens and a deck or patio for enjoying the view. You will also have access to the hot tubs, pool, sauna and fitness facility.

More info on the Silverado II condos in Winter Park can be found All condos have 2 bedrooms, therefore with 2 people to a condo you’ll get your own room. With 3 to a condo you’ll get your own bed but may be sharing a room. With 4 to a room one person may end up on a sofa bed or a bunk bed.

As in past years, there will be an option to arrive a day early on Wednesday September 12th for a minimal fee. (You won’t regret it!)